Sunday, December 20, 2009

Ammo "Controversy"

*Info on why I haven't posted in a while to come soon*

I just wanted to make a quick post about some B.S. I read that sparked all kinds of talk a little while back.

When I read those articles, I have to admit, it was the stupidest fucking thing I have ever read on (No offense Mike.) I was not "news worthy/blog worthy" at all. QQ because epic arrows weren't "easy" (an opinion) to come by? Mike even contradicts (one might say he was just explaining both ways to look at the issue) himself in the article.

I just wanted to say, not even 2 weeks after the patch came out, I got 21,000 epic arrows made last night, by someone I didn't even know, with my own mats, and tipped 20g. If we do the math, I paid less than 1 gold per 1000 arrows. I have paid between 5 to 10 times more than that for saronite arrows. Also, if you economists want to factor in the cost of me farming the mats, yeah it might have had a high opportunity cost (like all farming does) but it just so happens that all those crystallized shadow I used I had just saved up over the course of the expansion with out a real use for them. People said this was going to be expensive and it would take forever for people to get honored with that faction and it would be hard to find the right spec'd engineer and and blah blah blah bull shit bull shit.


/end controversy

EDITED TO ADD: I am so full of laughter and anger as I read the Hunter QQ in that thread. It honestly embarrasses me to play a Hunter. I might revisit this topic soon...



    Link to the cached page because I can't get to the original article. I am guessing a tidal wave of Hunter QQ tears swept through and wiped the place out.

  2. What people tend to forget is that this is high end ammo. Hunters don't need to use this ammo when they are out solo-ing, or even when they are killing trash in a raid. There are plenty of cheaper options for ammo, and considering that 100 DPS isn't that big of a difference on trash, I don't see why hunters can't use Rough Arrows (the cheapest arrow) when they are out solo-ing or fighting trash, if they are so worried about money.

  3. Just for you... I think I am going to invest in some Rough Arrows from now on. Also, as a follow up, a stack of 1000 of these arrows now (3 - 4 weeks into this patch) are about 6-10g. Which happens to be about the same or cheaper than the Saronite Arrows were Pre-3.3. Crazy Hunter QQ FTL.